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Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language

General presentation

The Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language at the University of Zaragoza are run throughout the year in Zaragoza, while in the summer they are transferred to the tourist city of Jaca (Huesca) in the Pyrenees.

The University of Zaragoza is a pioneer in teaching Spanish to foreign students since 1927. It has agreements with a number of public and private universities around the world, working directly with various official institutions to promote the Spanish language (the Cervantes Institute, the Education Office of a number of Spanish embassies, the Aragon Regional Government, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport).

The University of Zaragoza is recognised worldwide, as is demonstrated by the high number of foreign students attending the various co-operation programmes in which it participates (Sócrates-Erasmus, Tempus, ALPA, Asia-Link, Leonardo, etc.).

Its Courses in Spanish, attended by more than 1,200 students a year and in which all teachers have a high philological expertise in teaching ELE, are integrated into these programmes and, in addition, they organise specific courses for foreign Universities which request them.

The headquarters of ELE Courses in Zaragoza is an Oficial Examination Center for the Diploma of Spanish DELE, The International Spanish Language Evaluation Service (acronym in Spanish: SIELE) and the Test of Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain (CCSE), by delegation Instituto Cervantes.