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Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language

LAST CALLING FOR ENROLMENT IN DELE COURSES (JULY): Enrolment deadline: next 23rd May!
OPEN ENROLMENT PERIOD FOR TEACHER TRAINING COURSES FOR TEACHERS OF SPANISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN JACA 2017/2018: INITIAL TRAINING COURSE (30th Edition): from  30th July to 10th de August 2018  · 50 hours  ·  Enrollment price: €385  (in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes and Gobierno de Aragón). SPECIALIZED TRAINING COURSE WITH TEACHING PRACTICES (13th Edition): from  13th to 24th August 2018  · 50 hours·  Enrollment price:  €385 (in collaboration with Gobierno de Aragón)
Next Intensive Course (Zaragoza): 21st May - 15th June 2018 · 45 hours of classes · Enrolment fee: €249.
Four-month Winter-Spring Course (Zaragoza):  12th March - 9th April 2019 · 325 hours of classes · Enrolment fee: €910.
Initial Training Course for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language: 9th January - 23rd March (Friday and Saturday) . 50 class hours . €385
IMPORTANT: open call for the SIELE exams ( These exams will take place every Friday, at 10 o'clock in the morning. The Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language of the University of Zaragoza offer the possibility of enrolling in specific SIELE preparation courses, which include the registration fee of the exam.