Vicerrectorado de Cultura y Proyección Social
Courses in Zaragoza

Spanish for the study of literature

Taught from level B1 and above

Schedule: mornings or afternoons.


General description of the course

In this course students will be able to progress in their knowledge of Spanish by developing the skills to understand and enjoy a selection of works of Spanish literature adapted to their language level. The course combines classroom learning tasks with theater activities, recitals and viewing of documentaries of interest to students.



  • To understand and interpret fragments of a selection of works (novels, short stories, plays or poetry) of modern Spanish literature.
  • To know the socio-historical context and the basic biography of a selection of classic, modern or contemporary authors.
  • Reflect and give an opinion on the meanings and scope of the works treated.
  • Apply the contents learned in creative tasks of oral and written production.