Vicerrectorado de Cultura y Proyección Social
Courses in Zaragoza

Spanish for business

Taught from level B1 and above

Schedule: mornings or afternoons.


General description of the course

In this course students will be able to progress in their knowledge of Spanish through the development of skills to communicate in the specific field of business. The course combines learning activities through which the student's linguistic skills are enhanced (understanding documents, specific business vocabulary, linguistic and grammatical issues, cultural knowledge about the business sector, etc.) with the practice of communicative competence in a context of real use through simulations in order to learn to cope in different situations of the professional environment (meetings, presentations, negotiations, telephone conversations, etc.).



  • To become familiar with the basic business structure in Spain (departments, professional profiles, purposes, etc.).
  • To develop knowledge of buying and selling in the context of a company.
  • Expand the repertoire of vocabulary related to advertising, accounting or commercial exchanges in a company.
  • Practice strategies to develop effective meetings with a work team.
  • Make presentations of products or services.
  • Exchange business correspondence.
  • Reflect on cultural differences in a business environment.