Vicerrectorado de Cultura y Proyección Social
Courses in Huesca

Intensive Courses

60-hour course: 42 of classes and 18 of work at home

Grammatical, functional, lexical and sociocultural contents are provided.

In order to teach these contents the lectures will include:

  • Communicative skills: linguistic, discursive, strategic and sociolinguistic.
  • Syllabuses with a communicative approach and student-centred.
  • Comprehension, expression and interaction tasks, both oral and written.

Before the start of each course, students will be tested on line to determine their level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Small groups.

The number of places is limited.

Enrolment fee for courses 2019/2020: € 275, including tuition, material used in the classes (except the price of the textbook) the exam fees and the certificate of achievement (for those students who have attended at least 85% classes and have passed pertinent tests). Erasmus students who have an agreement with the University of Zaragoza (except Erasmus trainees) can benefit from a discount of € 92 in a single course, after their due accreditation. Moreover the Erasmus students of Philosophy and Literatura will benefit of an additional 40€ discount.

These courses have possibility of convalidation for 1,5 ECTS credit. 

Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 16:00 to 18:00 h. and from 18:00 to 20:00 h. (depending on the level).


Vice-Rectorate for Campus of Huesca
Ronda Misericordia, 5-22071 Huesca

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Intensive Courses

Autumn (2021)

14th September - 15th October 2021

18th October - 16th November 2021

18th November - 21th December 2021


Winter - Spring (2022)

10th January - 7th February 2022

9th February - 9th March 2022

10th March - 8th April 2022

19th April - 18th May 2022

23th May - 20th June 2022

22th June - 6th July 2022 (4 hours per day)


Intensive Spanish for Tourism Course

Dates: from October 4 to 19 (except holidays).

Schedule: three hours per day in the afternoon agreed upon with the students (180 minutes, with a 10-minute break in between).  

Important note: students must register for the course, but should not make any payment before receiving confirmation of their admission to the course.

40 hours: 30 lecture hours and 10 non-attendance hours.

Course registration fee: 235 €. Includes tuition, materials used in the classes and certificate of achievement (for students who have attended at least 85% of the classes and have passed the relevant tests). Erasmus students of the University of Zaragoza (except Erasmus interns) can benefit from a discount of 78 € on a single course, after due accreditation.
The objective of these courses is to provide students and foreign professionals in this field with a knowledge of Spanish that will allow them to function without difficulties in the field of Tourism.

The number of students in the class is reduced.

This course has 1 ECTS credit recognized by the University of Zaragoza (for foreign students and Erasmus).
Important notice for enrollment in the Spanish Courses: interested students should NOT make any payment before receiving confirmation of their admission to the course.