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Courses in Zaragoza

Legal Spanish

Taught from level B2 and above

Schedule: mornings or afternoons.


General description of the course

In this course students will be able to progress in their knowledge of Spanish through the development of skills to contextualize, interpret and reproduce the different processes and documents related to the most common activities of the different branches of Spanish Law. The course is complemented with critical viewing of real legal proceedings. It is oriented to professionals or law students.



  • To become familiar with legal language through authentic texts.
  • Identify, expand and understand specialized terminology, vocabulary and legal formulas in order to use them appropriately in Spanish.
  • Recognize and critically use the documentary resources related to each type of genre (laws, contracts, judgments, forms, instances, certifications, etc.).
  • Write basic legal texts (complaints, summons, contracts, reports, etc.).
  • Negotiate agreements orally.
  • Present arguments orally and in writing.