Vicerrectorado de Cultura y Proyección Social
Courses in Zaragoza

Spanish for the study of art

Taught from level B1 and above

Schedule: mornings or afternoons.


General description of the course

In this course students will be able to progress in their knowledge of Spanish through the development of skills to identify, analyze and evaluate a selection of Spanish paintings and architecture, as well as to understand their historical context. The course combines classroom learning tasks with outings and visits to a selection of representative works in the city of Zaragoza.



  • To become familiar with the history of Spanish painting and architecture from the Golden Age onwards, in their social context.
  • To distinguish the types of buildings representative of Spanish architecture from the 16th century onwards.
  • Recognize the main Spanish painters and architects as well as their most representative works.
  • Expand and consolidate the basic vocabulary of painting and architecture.
  • Critically analyze and evaluate a painting or a representative building.
  • Compare different pictorial and architectural styles throughout recent history in their socio-historical context.
  • Make oral presentations of a painting or a building.