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Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language

Students say

Ngoc Luang. When I first came here in Zaragoza,, I didn’t know anything about Spanish. After a Spanish course which lasts an academic year at the university of Zaragoza, with an effective teaching method and lots of help from the staff, I finally can communicate with people here in Spanish and master some grammatical points of this language.

Toby Trafelet. It is my first visit in Zaragoza -and definitely not my last one. Zaragoza is located between Barcelona and Madrid, in the middle of the versatile region of Aragon. History, Culture, Tapas, Wines combined with the clear and understandable pronunciation of Spanish make Zaragoza to the place to study. A place where experience meets todays requirements, an environment which gives the flexibility and the structure of successful studying – la Universidad Zaragoza. Lots of content, well prepared and presented. If you do your homework you will not just feel like apart of Zaragoza, you' ll be one.

Hi, my name is Nguyen Duc Hai Duong, from Vietnam. I find myself very lucky having the opportunity to learn Spanish in Spain. I took the Intensive Spanish Courses in Zaragoza University. This course help me a lot, after just 3 months, I can understand and speak Spanish basically, which is very fast for a beginner. All teachers are very helpful, friendly and the learning method is great. Moreover, Zaragoza is such a beautiful and peaceful city, with many interesting places to visit such as: Plaza del Pilar, La Seo del Salvador, Palacio de la Aljaferia, Museo del Fuego y de los Bomberos, etc. This is an amazing time for me living in Zaragoza, Spain.

Steven Nichols. The decision to study Spanish at the University of Zaragoza has been a great one. The professors are thorough, and professional, as well as helpful and friendly. The staff goes to great lengths to assist the students with campus life, and with everything necessary for living in Zaragoza. It is a magnificent city with ancient historical sites, modern transportation, and rich cultural traditions. The city offers a diverse selection of activities for every interest such as: night life, sports, museums, art, music, the scenic Ebro river, the city parks, great restaurants and cafes.

I am Luong, I am from Vietnam. Now I am studying Spanish in Zaragoza- the 5th biggest city of Spain. I have been here since January, 2015. My first time in Spain was really difficult. One important thing is the people here don’t speak English at all. It is obligatory for all foreigners to study Spanish. I have taken in a Spanish course of Zaragoza University. Everything becomes better and better. The teachers are extremely enthusiastic, nice and they have their own effective teaching methods. So that my studying becomes easier. Besides the lessons in the class, we can join extracurriculars activities that are held by international faculty of the University. After all, it is an opportunity for students to not just learn about Spain, its culture and language in-depth but also to grow as a person in ways they may have never even thought possible. Now I enjoy my life here a lot.






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