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Enrolment for Spanish as a Foreign Language Courses

General Registration: Instructions

Enrolment Form 2023-2024

Enrolment Form 2024-2025

You are kindly requested to complete this enrolment form. You must enclose a copy of your passport or identity card and the payment receipt.


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Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language :

Courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language in Jaca and Courses for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language:

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After receiving our admission communication, in the selected course, please pay by transfer or deposit bank to:

  • University of Zaragoza-Spanish courses [Student enrolled name here]
  • IBAN: ES15 0049 6725 47 2010009544
  • Address: Calle de Fernando el Católico, 24, 50009 Zaragoza

IMPORTANT NOTE: The University of Zaragoza will not cover extra bank charges.


Important notes:

  1. Refund of registration fee: it must be requested through the official application form (Official Form). In addition, it will be necessary to attach documents demonstrating the circumstances that could justify the refund (serious illness or accident and visa refusal). 
  2. We regret we cannot refund any money if the cancellation is not made with at least 30 days before the start date of the course in which the student is originally enrolled and which generates the payment of the enrolment fee, even if a student leaves the course early (the 16% of expenditure, will not be returned under any circumstances). 
  3. Management reserves the right to cancel any of the courses offered, if a minimum number of students is not reached. In that case, we will proceed to refund the full amount of tuition.
  4. Except in cases of force majeure, no changes between courses will be authorized. In order to calculate the deadline for the refund of the fees, the course in which the student is initially enrolled and generates the payment of fees will always be taken as the reference, even if the student is subsequently authorised to change to another course at a later date.
Notice regarding the enrolment in the Training Course for Teachers of Spanish: interested students must NOT make any payments before receiving confirmation of there are seats available on the course.